My 2015 personal resolutions

2014 was my toughest and best year so far on a personal level. I really got to push myself to the edge and know myself much better. Now a month into 2015, from the lessons I got from last year, here are 5 things I commit to do more.

France, cesses de nous appeler patrons!

"La révolte des patrons”. “Les patrons grognent”. Une série interminable de phrases avec ce fameux mot de “patrons”. Comme un Dirty word a l’américaine. Le mal français est bien installé: toute la construction du discours médiatico-économique tourne autour de la lutte des classes. Une malheureuse tendance française à la division et l’opposition plutôt qu’au rassemblement et l’apaisement. Et si on disait STOP aux amalgames?

How I learned to be a courageous founder

I am the founder of Sincuru, a London-based subscription service that ships weekly bags of recovered produce right to your door. I reflected back on the last 6 months and, if just one lesson learned, it’s definitely how my lack of courage has put the company in hazard. Learned it the hard way!