Understanding the Cameroonian User

I recently gave a 15-mn UX talk during the Silicon Mountain Conference in Buéa, the biggest tech ecosystem in Cameroon. A great opportunity to present a few behaviours startups can leverage to create usable products in the country. 

Making Decisions

Decisions are a quintessential part of our daily life, but making them seem to scare most of us. What if we embraced the process as practice to agility, empathy and boldness?

App Stores are not designed for Africa

Many talented developers across Africa are building consumer apps to leverage the so-called mobile gold rush on the continent, only to realise how challenging distribution is in most of our countries... Maybe app stores as we know them were not designed with us in mind?

Pretty is good, Functional is better

Since I moved back home, I have been truly amazed by the ingenuity people deploy to solve their problems. Often without proper qualifications, they manage to create exceptional products that work and are answers to real life problems, people's daily problem. It has been a true source of inspiration for me to better understand that design is not about making it pretty, it's about making something that works well for people. 

Android Generation, En Avant!

Last week in Yaoundé was a real opportunity to see how we, the Android Generation, can leverage every bit of institutional window we're offered. It was also a pleasant diving into the highs of the power of our beautiful Cameroon. 

Left to Right on the ministerial selfie: Carine Guiliyack, Yannick Tameze, Steve Amara, Candace Nkoth Bisseck, Mrs Minette Libom Li Likeng, Nino Njopkou.